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ODB2 PocketScan Code Reader
2017-10-31 11:47:23
ODB2 PocketScan Code Reader  PocketScan code reader, an easy-to-use tool for novice and light-to-moderate do-it-yourself customers, providing industry leading value. PocketScan code reader enables the user to read OBD II DTCs from the on-board computers of 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. This gives the user the ability to quickly determine the cause of the Check Engine light coming on. Once repairs are made, the PocketScan allows the user to clear the DTCs and turn off the Check Engine Light.
Item: Scan Tool
Years of Coverage: 2009
Regions OF Coverage: Domestic/Asian
IsSet: Scan Tool Only
Compatible with ALL 1996 and newer importand domestic vehicles (OBD II & CAN), as wellas ‘94 and ‘95 OBD II compliant vehicles
Reads DTCs
Erases DTCs
Displays emissions status
Displays MIL status
Indicates number of DTCs pulled
OBD II cable (attached) and manual included
This product is professionally and meticulously designed to provide superior durability you are looking for. The company does not accept compromises when it is going about quality, so you can be completely confident that this product is second to none. It is manufactured from first-rate materials to ensure outstanding reliability. This product provides efficient and worry-free service for many years ahead which makes it the perfect option for your ultimate satisfaction.
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