At KONNWEI, listening to and applying feedback is a critical part of what we do. The criticism and praise we receive from our fans goes straight back to our product developers to deliver exciting new improvements.

To encourage this, we created the Power User programs. Joining one is just like joining a VIP club. You get exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards and other special benefits.Test our products, lend us your perspective, help us get it right.

If you're brand-new to any of our Power User programs, welcome! We look forward to your application. APPLY NOW


I'm a new Power User. How do I get started?

All customers who like or already used KONNWEI’s products can join the KONNWEI Power User program. We collect your using experience and provide better after-sales experience for any of our customers. Simply click on above button, and fill in some basic information, our specialist will follow up and provide the special code/ coupons for you by email.

Where should I share my product experience?

For the products you purchase with Power User program, you may share your happiness on the product page, meanwhile you may also share your experience on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.), YouTube, blogs, deal websites or other online spaces. We hope that so doing will enhance our online visibility and equip customers like you with the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

What are the Program responsibilities?

Power Users are expected to test and provide detailed and unbiased feedback on the product within one week. If circumstances prevent a Power User from providing timely feedback, they are expected to provide advance notice. Delayed feedback may impact eligibility to apply for future KONNWEI’s products.

What are the Program benefits?

Power Users will regularly receive KONNWEI’s product codes. Product selections will vary to reflect our development needs, but Power Users may choose according to their own interest – there is no obligation to purchase or review an undesired product. Power Users also receive exclusive discount codes, loyalty rewards, 1 Year Extra product warranty extension, and other VIP privileges.

Why do you have the Power User Program?

At KONNWEI, we strive to design our products from a consumer perspective with a commitment to constant improvement. The Power User Program was created so we can more directly engage with users to learn how we can do better.
Particularly for our newly released products, we offer exclusive codes for Power Users. The feedback our Power Users provide helps us better gauge market response and get a head start on any areas that might need improvement. We also encourage Power Users to share their product experience on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.), YouTube, blogs, deal/tech websites to help spread and enhance KONNWEI’s visibility online.
Power Users are pioneers who love all and everything KONNWEI and sharing their experiences with others. Problems submitting your application? Send an email to support@konnwei.com with the heading "Submission Problem" and we'll get back to you in 24 hours! Yes, that’s right! 24 hrs*